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Specialised Facials

Cyrstal Clear Facial


Micro-dermobrasion - a re-surfacing facial using micronised crystals dispersed onto the skin through a disposable sterilised nozzle resulting in a smother revitalised and more radiant complexion. Clinically proven to reduce and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Crystal Clear Facial     £38.00

Course Facial ( x 5)    £36.50

Crystal Clear & Mini Lift Mask    £44.50

Crystal Clear Chopsticks Facial


Using two sonic-powered chopstick wands simultaneously rolling upwards and outwards over the neck and face providing a hydration boost from the Pharma Grade Hyaluronic Serum creating a firmer, more lifted, fresh dewy skin and instantly reducing puffiness around the eyes.

The chopsticks can also be added to the Crystal Clear facials for £10

45mins     £35.00


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