ESPA Christmas Gifts

ESPA Soothing Essentials

Immerse yourself in a candlelit bathing ritual, infused with Sandalwood & Ylang-ylang


Introducing the ESPA Christmas Gift Collection 2015 Deep, uninterrupted sleep helps to repair body and restore mind and our soothing bath and bed time ritual comes richly scented with deeply calming Sandalwood, Ylang-ylang and Rose Geranium. Relax the body and quieten the mind with the comforting aromas and nourishing Everything you need, in fact, to counter a hectic, festive season.



ESPA Soothing Aromatic Candle

Infuse your surroundings with deep peace and restful calm. A divinely relaxing, aromatic blend
of sensual Sandalwood, exotic Ylang Ylang, soothing Lavender and deeply calming Patchouli – four of nature’s most heavenly essential oils infused together to melt away stress and strain, brighten your outlook and help promote deep, restful sleep.


Up to 35 hours burning time

ESPA Restorative Reed Diffuser

Deeply comforting blend of Palmarosa, Sweet Orange and Lavender


Infuse your home with the comforting, therapeutic aroma of Palmarosa, Sweet Orange and Lavender, to help balance mind, calm nerves and give a sense of optimism. Sweet Orange, Rose Geranium and Lavender blend together to help quiet anxiety, calm nerves and comfort spirits.


ESPA Hydrate

Moisturiser for Men


When you list the benefits of hydration - supple, clear, smooth, comfortable, bright, fresh, youthful – it’s like a wish list for good skin. Our men’s face moisturisers are formulated to quench every
skin type, from parched to oily with much
needed hydration.